So I just returned from my first trip to our nation’s capital – and I was pleased to see the city inundated with Union Jacks. I’m not sure if this was just post-Jubilee residue or if the city really is a blend of tourism and genuine patriotism but I was content with it.

I attended the Organ Gala at the Royal Albert Hall where I had the pleasure of seeing the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Bach Choir and organist Stephen Disley – conducted by David Hill. It was a fantastic event and made my first visit to London an impressive one.

Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge – view from outside my hotel.

If my uncertainty on London’s patriotism was rather opaque for the rest of the weekend, the finale, Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March no. 1, left no question about the true feelings of our country’s chauvinism.

One thing which I did, however, find myself totally confused about – Subway. Not the copiousness amounts of underpasses in the city, but the sandwich store.

I went to a Subway around midnight in Piccadilly Circus to find a sign saying that the City of Westminster only permitted 5 different Subway fillings to be heated after 11pm. It’s not that I’m not a fan of Chicken Teriyaki – I just wanted something else heated and failed to understand the logic behind this. Having never visited the city, I’ve only heard stories of the rationale which the eccentric Mayor runs London with…but is there any logic behind only allowing certain fillings to be heated?! (And yes, Google failed me on the answer.)


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